Tokyo Hot 6054 Kanako Nakata Forbidden Sex With Such A Girlfriend


Duration: 00:42:47

Actor: Kanako Nakata

Studio: Tokyo Hot

Release: June 12,2020


To have forbidden sex with such a girlfriend… Actually, former lovers, who were still attracted to each other, steal the eyes of their husbands to appeal big breasts and approach former ex-boyfriend like they used to. The man’s crotch, whose former Kano’s body had not been forgotten, seems to have been unable to turn back when he kissed in response to his energy. Her nostalgic blow job is so pleasant that she puts it in her mouth. The two who did not end up moved to the bedroom and licked each other’s groins, and her pussy for the first time in a long while was the most pleasant and writhing in her.
高校の時に付き合っていたスタイル抜群の高瀬杏は、今や親友の嫁。そんな彼女とひょんなことから禁断のセックスをしてしまうことに…。実はまだお互い惹かれあっていた元恋人同士、旦那の目を盗んで巨乳をアピールして昔のように元彼に迫ります。元カノの身体が忘れられていなかった男の股間は元気に反応してキスをするともう後戻りができなくなっちゃった様子。懐かしい彼女のフェラは最高に気持ちよくてつい口の中に出してしまいます。それで終われない二人はベッドルームに移動してお互いの股間を舐めまくり、久しぶりの彼女のオマンコは最高に気持ちよくて悶える彼女の中にいっぱい出してしまうのでした。 Full videos HD

Actors: Kanako Nakata