Pacopacomama 081719_005 pe Akasaka Luna of Mature Mature Lady


Duration: 00:57:53

Actor: Akasaka Luna

Studio: Pacopacomama

Release: August 18,2019


Luna Akasaka, who is usually a graceful and elegant mature woman, but devours a man as if the man has changed in front of him! A beautiful live abalone that can’t be thought of as a fifties pussy with a white Y-shirt, black underwear, white soft skin, and longing for any man. Such Luna will tell you the beauty of the mature female body! It is a must-see for legends representing the Showa madness using all the techniques! ! Don’t miss Luna, which is a bit different from that of a mature woman! ! 普段はおしとやかな上品な熟女、しかし、男を目の前にすると人が変わったかのように男を貪りつくす淫獣こと赤坂ルナさんが登場! 男なら誰でも憧れる白いYシャツに黒い下着姿、白い柔肌に五十代のマンコとは思えない綺麗な活アワビ。 そんなルナさんがセックスの完熟した女体の素晴らしさを教えてくれます! 昭和を代表するレジェンドがあらゆるテクニックを駆使して悶え狂う様は必見!! そんじょそこらの熟女とは一味違う、ルナさんをお見逃しなく!!
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Actors: Akasaka Luna