HEYZO 2447 Gravid Teacher Is Dying To Have Sex


Duration: 00:59:03

Actor: Nanako Asahina

Studio: HEYZO

Release: January 26,2021


Nanako-sensei, who I admired, will soon be on maternity leave. A boy student who was lonely and couldn’t get into studying. Nanako-sensei holds his cheeks in order to comfort such a boy student. A boy student who was completely rejuvenated by the dedication that the Ichimotsu who became completely bing was inserted from the back and finally allowed to the inside. At first glance he thought he was calm, but his colleague, Dr. Yamada, had witnessed the whole story. Nanako-sensei, who originally liked Yamada-sensei, was heavy, but this time she sucked on Yamada-sensei.
憧れの奈々子先生がもうすぐ産休に入ってしまう。寂しくて、勉強に身が入らなくなった男子生徒。そんな男子生徒を慰めるべく、彼のチ●ポを咥えこむ奈々子先生。すっかりビンビンになったイチモツをバックから挿入され、最後は中だしまで許してしまう献身ぶりで、すっかり元気になった男子生徒。これにて一見落着、と思っていたが、同僚の山田先生に一部始終を目撃されていた。もともと山田先生のことが好きだった奈々子先生は、身重でありながら今度は山田先生チ●ポにしゃぶりつくのであった。 Full videos HD

Actors: Nanako Asahina