HEYZO 2423 Naughty Prank To The New Employee Part2


Duration: 01:12:04

Actor: Hikari Endo

Studio: HEYZO

Release: December 15,2020


Hikari-chan, who became a sexual processing doll in the previous work, is squeezed by the devil’s hands of male employees to her who is still working today! The wet man who was made into a mess with an adult toy, first of all, even a vaginal cum shot. In addition, being played with by multiple employees, including the president, a large amount of tide is blown. Hikari who turned into a horny office lady completely, at the end, the president’s hot semen is continuously fired and ascended! It was Hikari-chan who was in a groggy state. Well, you can expect a bonus! ??
前作ですっかり性処理ドールとなったひかりちゃん、今日も業務に勤しむ彼女に男性社員たちの魔の手がせまる!大人のオモチャでグッチャグッチャにされた濡れマンに、まずは一発、ドバっと中だしさえちゃいます。さらに社長を含む複数の社員に弄ばれて、これでもか、というくらい大量の潮を吹きまくっちゃいます。すっかり淫乱OLと化したひかりちゃん、最後は社長のアツーいザーメンを連続発射されて昇天!あえなくグロッキー状態となってしまったひかりちゃんでした!まあ、ボーナスは期待できるんじゃないでしょうか!? Full videos HD

Actors: Hikari Endo