HEYZO 2304 Cum Swallow Lover Submissive Girl Tasts Sperm Vol 2


Duration: 00:50:56

Actor: Marina Sato

Studio: Heyzo

Release: July 08,2020


Marina who appeared in a gorgeous yukata. Suddenly made a bold statement with a smile on her favorite drink, sperm. The reason is that the taste of each person is completely different (laughs). Since there are 5 saffles, he seems to be drinking at a high pace of 5 times a week! Of course, I also love blow job, and the technique of the soggy blow job that makes me sick with love is quite good. The horny person is also a genuine person who makes the eyes look sexy. And at the end, after all I will slowly taste the sperm that I got in my mouth and drink.

華やかな浴衣で登場したまりなちゃん。好きな飲み物は笑顔で「精子」といきなり大胆発言。理由は「人によって全然味が違うから」だとか(笑)。セフレは5人いるので週5のハイペースで飲みまくってるそうです!当然フェラも大好きで、愛おしそうに咥えるねっとりフェラのテクもなかなかのもの。エッチの方も色っぽく目をうるうるさせて、本物のスキ者ですね。そして最後はやっぱりお口の中に出してもらった精子をゆっくり味わいながら飲んじゃいます。 Full videos HD

Actors: Marina Sato