1Pondo 072221_001 Ryo Makoto Yua Ariga Sexy Actress Special Edition


Duration: 02:23:00

Actor: Yua Ariga, Ryo Makoto

Studio: 1Pondo

Release: July 22,2021


Two sexy actresses with long limbs, small faces, and slim bodies with no wasted flesh! Yua Ariga and Ryo Makoto, a former race queen, create a sexy feeling with indescribable lips. First of all, from Yua Ariga’s work …! It’s all about getting involved in a hotel room, but it’s a word of 3150 that this is all positions, bare nature, and disturbed by turbulence! Yua-chan shows a serious mode with her expression holding a cock and her long limbs entwined with a man. And Makoto Ryo-chan directs a woman who can wear a suit. A figure that gets entangled with a man while disturbing her suit, a suit that is about to be taken off in a torn pantyhose, a butt that is removed from a rolled up skirt, and scenes that can only be called Super 3150! Take a look at the special version of 2 hours and 20 minutes that makes the cock hot and full of patience juice! !! Don’t forget Tesh! !!
長い手脚に小顔、無駄な贅肉一つないスリムなボディのセクシー女優2人の登場!唇が何とも言えないセクシー感を醸し出す有賀ゆあちゃんと元レースクィーンの真琴りょうちゃん。まずは有賀ゆあちゃんの作品から…!ホテルの一室での絡みなのですが、これがあらゆる体位、本性剥き出し、乱れに乱れイキまくる様は3150の一言!チンポを咥える表情、長い手脚が男に絡みつき本気モードを見せてくれるゆあちゃん。そして、真琴りょうちゃんはビシッとスーツ姿で出来る女を演出。スーツを乱しながら男に絡んでいく姿、破かれたパンストに脱ぎかけのスーツ、捲くりあがったスカートから除く尻、これまたスーパー3150としか言いようがないシーンばかり!チンポを熱く我慢汁だらけにさせる2時間20分収録のスペシャル版、とくとご覧あーれ!!テッシュを忘れずに!! Full videos HD

Actors: Ryo Makoto / Yua Ariga