1Pondo 052811_104 Because Such A Silly Conversation Is Also Between Lovers


Duration: 01:01:38

Actor: RICA

Studio: 1Pondo

Release: October 14,2020


Because such a silly conversation is also between lovers. I can’t scratch the G-spot of RICA on the shoulder, so let’s go home. But my desire didn’t even go home, so I took a detour. When I threw sperm into RICA’s mouth on a certain emergency staircase, I was told I love you.
こんなおばかな会話も恋人同士だからこそ。路肩じゃRICAのGスポットを掻き毟れないからもう帰ろう。でも僕の欲求が家までもたなかったのでちょっと寄り道。とある非常階段でRICAの口の中に精子をぶちまけたら「だいすきだよっ」って言われた。 Full videos HD

Actors: Rica